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Dec 23, 2012 4:20am EST
that killed the toppers team officials said in july. they both operate in an itemized way which is different than other rebel groups that control territory. they both have these isolated battalions out there, units that all fight under the general fled. at the tactical level the opera with all these different rebel groups up there which is where things you see the backlash. >> i wonder if you two could address how you see palestinians fitting into the conflict? >> the palestinians to work to try to remain neutral in this. there were 500,000 plus palestinian refugees a dangerous area, largely within an area that is not a camp, it is a neighborhood of interest area. overtime the resume attempting to exploit longstanding connections between palestinians and the syrian government. what we would begin to see is there would attempt to use or have pro assad militia camps. this was an issue of contention. increasingly, as the regime's tactics grew more brittle, one began to see that the palestinian or turning increasingly against the assad regime. now, what they have done, which is not unlikely that
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1